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The Alliance and Our Network

The Alliance

The Alliance for Youth Action is one of the strongest youth organizing networks in the country. We build young people’s political power by supporting local young people’s organizations to strengthen our democracy, address the issues our generation cares about most, and make our voices heard up and down the ballot box.

The Alliance supports two kinds of local organizations – a core group of Alliance Affiliates who drive our national strategy, and a larger extended network of Youth Organizing Partners who make local progressive wins a reality. These crews are some of the greatest organizers around, but don’t just take our word for it. Check them out.

Network Map

Interactive network map of Affiliates and Youth Organizing Partners across the United States.
Youth standing outside wearing blue APIA Nevada tee shirts and protective face masks.

Welcome One APIA Nevada!

Early in 2020, the Alliance welcomed One APIA (Asian Pacific Islander Americans) Nevada to the network as a Youth Organizing Partner. This year, their youth program hosted a variety of creative digital and in-person GOTV events such as a virtual Animal Crossing Voter Registration party, and an Early Vote party complete with Vote Goats, K-Pop dance parties, and free boba. Their civic engagement efforts contributed to the strong engagement and turnout from Asian-American youth in 2020.

Transforming the Youth Vote Narrative

This year was all about driving a new dominant narrative in the media that uplifted the stories, demands, and work of progressive, local, youth organizers in order to amplify the power of the youth vote and the vital role of young people in our democracy.

We set out to prove to key audiences that young people are leading the work to better our democracy and play an important role in cultural, political, and social change. These are just a few of the many news stories featuring the work of the Alliance and our network that showcase a new narrative about the power of the youth vote.

and 2020

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Mentions across social
(+277% from 2019)

NY Times logo

On July 8th, this New York Times op-ed showcased the peer-to-peer youth organizing work in the Alliance for Youth Action network and the importance of investing in grassroots organizing work.

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Total Followers
(+40% from 2019)

MSNBC logo

On June 7th, Sarah and Prentiss Haney, Executive Director of Ohio Student Association, were on MSNBC Live with Alicia Menendez to discuss the power of youth speaking out after the death of George Floyd and its impact on the ballot box: Young people fighting for change, equality after in America.

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Univision logo

On Thursday, May 21st, we co-hosted a Facebook Live with Univision featuring Gilbert Placeres and Maryan Firpo, the Deputy Director and Program Coordinator for Engage Miami. They discussed how Engage galvanized Latinx youth to participate in democracy and fight for voter access in Florida. See the Univision Facebook Live here.

Influencer mentions:
Influencer mentions: Hillary Clinton, Lily Collins, Shawn Mendes, Kaia Gerber, The Aces, and the Daily Show

TeenVogue logo

On November 4th, this Teen Vogue piece highlighted the work of youth organizers, like those in the Alliance network, who activated young people long before the election that led to record-breaking turnout.

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Alliance press mentions
See all press mentions on our website here.

Website Enhancements - Focus on Getting #VoteReady

In 2020, the Alliance made significant enhancements to its website to provide opportunities for website visitors to take action to get vote ready and engage with the latest news from the Alliance.

The Alliance’s focus on early voting and first-ever #VoteReady hub led to a surge in website visitors utilizing tools to increase voter education and participation contributing to record breaking youth turnout in early voting.

Social media impressions
October Voter,
Vote Early,
and #VoteReady content Impressions
Three minorities illustrated wearing protective masks and stickers that read: I voted
Ad Metrics
October Voter
digital ad
Smartphone opened to an image that reads: vote early
Website Visits
#VoteReady and
Take Action
website visits
Three hands, each placing a ballot in a mailbox, ballot box, or drop box

Uplifting and Amplifying the Network

A major part of our communications work was to uplift and amplify the work of Alliance network organizations in the press and across all of our communications platforms.

We collected stories from the network to showcase local organizing throughout the year from the digital organizing pivot the network made after the pandemic hit, to blog posts centering youth organizers of color, to ensuring network organizations were included in press coverage about the power of youth organizing to get out the youth vote.
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unique site visits to blog posts and pages on website uplifting Alliance network

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views on video featuring digital organizing in the network.

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Affiliate press mentions

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unique Blog posts on website about Alliance network

Resourcing the Field at Scale

The Alliance funded in-state organizing with $11,758,213 with a combination of c3 and c4 resources that directly resourced organizations in the field leading critical voter engagement work ahead of the election.

We are blown away by the scale of resources we were able to facilitate this year and so grateful to our many supporters and foundation partners that made this possible.

For the first time ever, once network organizations’ c3 fundraising gaps were closed, we quickly moved additional c3 funds to amazing organizations who focus on engaging the youth vote and/or voters of color outside our network.

Black Girls Vote
Black Girls Vote - logo
Funds supported the implementation and testing of Party at the Mailbox, a new festive tactic, rooted in local community, to engage voters.
Funds supported CIRCLE’s research and analysis of young voters in the 2020 election.
Community Justice Reform Coalition
CJRC logo
Funds supported CJRC’s efforts to educate and turn out voters impacted by gun violence.
March for Our Lives
March For Our Lives - logo
Funds supported March for Our Live’s efforts to register, contact, and turn out hundreds of thousands of young voters.
Native Organizers Alliance
NOA logo
Funds supported Native Organizers Alliance and their partner organizations to contact and turn out Native voters in 9 states.
Poder Latinx
Poder Latinx logo
Funds supported Poder Latinx’s efforts in Arizona, Georgia, and Florida to educate and turn out Latinx voters.
Power California
Power California logo
Funds supported Power California and their partners’ efforts to educate young voters of color about vote by mail and turn them out to vote.
Arab American Institute
AAI logo
Funds supported their Yalla Vote program to engage Arab American voters, many of whom were first time voters and support their bilingual Arabic/English election protection hotline, 844-Yalla-US.
Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance
APALA logo
Funds supported APALA’s efforts to sign up Asian voters for vote by mail and then turn out voters during GOTV.
Make the Road PA
Make The Road PA - logo
Funds supported Make the Road PA’s efforts to educate and turnout Latinx voters across Pennsylvania.
NAACP Youth & College
NAACP Youth and College logo
Funds supported NAACP Youth & College’s partnership with an app that educated young Black voters about what was on their ballots and how to participate in the election.
Action St. Louis
Action STL logo
Funds were used to support Action St. Louis’ work to educate and turn out Black voters in St. Louis.
Ballot Initiative Strategy Center
BISC logo
Funds were used to support BISC’s large research project that oversampled young people on their thoughts and eagerness to organize on ballot measures.

Adapting to COVID

And then there was a pandemic. Like many, the Alliance and our network had to swiftly shift and re-align our work in the wake of COVID-19 global pandemic to ensure the safety of our staff and communities. But just like the young people that drive our work, we remain nimble, flexible, and innovative to meet the challenges of this uncertain time. We moved quickly to purchase bulk Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for network organizations to support any staff returning to field work. Check out the many ways the Alliance network innovated and transformed events, relationship building, and local organizing work to meet the moment.

Innovating Around the Pandemic

Peer to Peer Organizing
Leaders Igniting Transformation

Leaders Igniting Transformation in Wisconsin was able to run an extensive digital campaign that collected nearly 3,700 digital pledges to vote, made 19.1 million impressions, and reached 2.85 million people. LIT’s digital work included innovative videos such as a first time voting video in English and Spanish.

Forward Montana

Forward Montana secured a partnership with Montana State, the state’s largest university, to use their unique Online Voter Registration portal as the default for students. They also produced this video where young Montanans shared why they are voting.

Mississippi Votes

Mississippi Votes worked with BDE Music Group and Noxolo Entertainment to produce The Future—an inspirational song by Dolla Black to remind young people that this election is important and the November 3rd elections are inevitably #Up2Us!

Leadership Development, But Make it Virtual

red table outside with an assortment of stickers, pens, voter registration forms, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and sign that reads: register to vote today Man standing outside wearing a red hoodie, filling out a voter registration form

Alliance network organizations train future leaders through local democracy and civics-centered leadership development programs—and a pandemic wasn’t going to stop this crucial work. Across the network, 774 young leaders graduated through largely virtual programs this year.

As part of North Carolina Asian Americans Together’s (NCAAT) internship this year, all interns were paid to pursue a personal project related to one of NCAAT’s areas of work including policy, civic and community engagement, and more. Cohort members creative projects including podcasts, Asian American studies toolkits, and hosting voter registration drives at boba shops.

Electoral Services Suite

The Alliance launched our Electoral Services Suite (ESS) in 2020 to lower the barriers to effective voter contact tools. We provided access to and training for electoral and data tools at no cost to our network, including Reach, ThruTalk, ThruText, Hustle, and relational organizing tools, so that network organizations could more easily pivot to and scale digital canvassing voter contact efforts. Through our ESS program, the Alliance supported the cost of over 2.7 million texts and 1.8 million calls made by our network this year. The program will continue to incentivize effective organizing by making it easier to access the tools, technology, and support our network needs to reach young people.

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Our Vote, Our Future

2020 By the Numbers

Combined c3/c4 contacts with young voters (AYA + network organizations)

Young Voters Registered

Pledges to Vote



Education Mail Pieces Sent

Interns, fellows, and organizers across the network

Volunteers engaged in these efforts

Despite facing seriously unprecedented challenges, millions of young people rose up and flexed their political power to make a historic impact on the most important election of our lifetimes.

The latest analysis from our friends at the CIRCLE estimates that youth voter turnout across the country increased by eleven points from 2016. Young people, and specifically young people of color, were key in driving change this election.

These successes

These successes are a reflection of year-round grassroots organizing and local power building led in part by the many youth organizations in the Alliance network. Young people were able to flex their political power at scale because they were invested in (early!) to organize their peers in person and online. Year-round, grassroots organizing is how we move forward.

Under our national youth vote civic engagement campaign, Our Vote, Our Future (previously Turn Up, Turn Out), we made tens of millions of nonpartisan contacts with young voters from coast-to-coast. Our network proved just how powerful the youth vote is (and will continue to be) as youth turnout surged this cycle. The impact of our organizations in key states is undeniable.

New Era Colorado - logo

Solidifying Youth Power in Colorado

  • 2020 New Era Colorado youth turnout 86% 86%
  • 2016 New Era Colorado youth turnout 82% 82%
  • 2020 Colorado statewide youth turnout 70% 70%
Young voters make up the largest colorado voting bloc in 2020
18–35 years old
36–49 years old
50–64 years old
65+ years old
New Era
New Era was able to increase voter turnout among their registrants by 4 percentage points since 2016 despite shifting tactics due to COVID. Young people in Colorado have cemented their power as the largest voting bloc in the state with 27% of the vote share in 2020.
MOVE Texas logo

Everything’s Bigger in Texas

voter registration forms mailed

new voters registered

2020 Texas youth early vote turnout

2016 Texas youth early vote turnout


Voters under age 30 increased early vote share, surpassing other age groups’ share, between 2016 and 2020

Everything’s Bigger in Texas

Everything’s Bigger in Texas. Despite having to largely shift away from field voter registration. MOVE Texas registered 50,864 new voters across the state this year—exceeding their pre-pandemic goal! Their efforts were instrumental in reaching record-breaking youth voter turnout.

The Alliance Network in the 2020 Primaries

Students standing outside in front of a vote structure
The 2020 Democractic presidential primary field was the most diverse it’s ever been. During the busy primary season, Alliance network organizations did what they do best – mobilize young voters. Read more about how Alliance crews helped young people show up and show up during this historic primary season.

Scale, Scale, Scale

As Election Day drew closer, and organizations got into a digital organizing groove, the name of the game became scale, scale, scale. Alliance network organizations grew to their largest staff sizes and widest reach ever ahead of this year’s election. Check out what this work looked like and the victories it yielded in key states:

Black, Indigenous, and Young People of Color Lead the Way in Wisconsin

Hailing out of Milwaukee

Campus chapters launched






Mail Sent


classroom raps completed


relational voter contacts activated


Video Views


Door Lit Drops


English and Spanish voter guides distributed


English and Spanish voter guides distributed


Hailing out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Leaders Igniting Transformation went state-wide in 2020, launching chapters at 6 campuses with dozens of fellows and organizers outside of their home city. Their electoral impact was massive with 1.28 million calls made, 2.12 million texts sent, 2.5 million pieces of mail sent, 112 classroom raps completed, 2,690 relational voter contacts activated, 1.5 million video views, 48,332 door lit drops, and 75,000 voter guides distributed in both English and Spanish.

Building Power in the Sunshine State

Engage Miami

young voters registered






poll monitors recruited


Engage Miami registered 20,000 young voters, made over one million calls, and sent nearly 500,000 text messages to help young people get ready to vote and be informed voters. They also recruited over 60 poll monitors to do the crucial work of supporting voters on Election Day.

From Mission to Impact in Michigan

Detroit Action’s

Community members contacted about GOTV


Education Mail reach








Detroit Action’s strategy was targeted and collaborative, partnering with key city, state, and national stakeholders to engage underrepresented populations throughout Michigan on COVID-19 relief, absentee and early voting, voter registration, and election protection. Detroit Action distributed 11 voter education mailings reaching 454,000 households. Between August and Election Day, they made over 979,000 calls, contacted 86,845 community members to get out the vote, and had 20,792 conversations with voters.

Long-term organizing in Arizona


new Program participants gained


gotv home visits


GOTV Calls




In Arizona, Latinx organizers have been building for over a decade. In 2020, Poder in Action in Arizona, expanded to new areas of the county and focused on talking to youth of color, immigrants, and folks that are forced to the margins and targeted by state violence. They made over 360,764 texts throughout the fall, and in the last two weeks of GOTV, they reached 12,998 voters at the door and made 28,031 calls. Their work included 310 volunteers and brought in 2,397 new participants into their programs.

#VoteReady – Alliance National Programs


Pink background with text reading: Did you know? Over 1,000 polling places have closed in the last decade. Not okay.


The +1thePolls initiative (a project between the Alliance, Students Learn Students Vote Coalition, Campus Vote Project, and MTV) recruited 43 young Poll Defenders who received mini grants to engage their campus and election officials to protect an existing polling site or create a new one. Our poll defenders successfully maintained 10 polling locations and placed or expanded an additional 12 locations ahead of November.

National Voter Registration Day and #NVRD Campus Takeover

Students sitting outside around table with a banner that reads: register to vote

In its third year, partnering with Students Learn Students Vote, National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) Campus Takeover supported voter registration on over 400 college campuses on our favorite civic holiday. We launched a webinar series for Campus Takeover 2020 and granted $50,000 in mini-grants to 121 applicants to support online and in-person campus activities. Campus Takeover contributed to nearly 1.5 million voters registered on the holiday this year!

400 college campuses
$50,000 in mini-grants
121 applicants 1.5 million voters registered
For NVRD, we created a week’s worth of digital content and events with our partnership with Roc Nation and their alternative indie pop band of four Gen-Z women, The Aces. The first IG Live featured Cendi Trujillo Tena, High School Organizing Director from Leaders Igniting Transformation to discuss the power of local politics. The second IG Live featured the Alliance’s Communications Manager, Daniela Mrabti, to discuss the power of women and voting this election. During the week of NVRD, we also partnered with singer, Shawn Mendes, who featured two youth organizers from the Alliance network— Cree Myles from Leaders Igniting Transformation and Gilbert Placeres from Engage Miami—on his Instagram.

Power the Polls

black background with text that reads: Poll Workers keep polling places running.

In 2020

In 2020, the Alliance for Youth Organizing was a national Power the Polls partner, a first-of-its-kind initiative to recruit poll workers to ensure a safe, fair election for all voters in the midst of nationwide poll worker shortage exacerbated by the pandemic.

Other key partnerships

Virtual March On Washington logo

We were also featured on multiple social media channels during the Virtual March on Washington, which provided an opportunity to highlight Black-led organizations in our network through this blog post.

Reclaim your vote BET logo

AYO became a key partner of BET through their National Black Voter Day, a day to galvanize Black political power and turn out the Black vote.

Viacom logo and Ad Council logo

AYO also partnered with ViacomCBS on a mass-marketing voter engagement campaign in partnership with the Ad Council called Vote For Your Life.

Vote Early Day logo

We also joined over 2,500 nonprofits, businesses, election administrators, and creatives to ensure all Americans knew their options to vote early through an initiative called Vote Early Day.

Vevo logo

impressions of our digital organizing video featured on VEVO—the world’s leading music video platform—which led to a spike in website traffic to the AYA website.

Roc Nation logo and Def Jam logo

These turnkey and lower effort partnerships led to high impact and promotion of our Vote Ready hub.

Hopeless Records logo and Sofar logo

Two music companies—Hopeless Records, an indie pop record label, and So Far Sounds, a livestream concert platform—promoted the Vote Ready hub on their Instagram profiles during National Voter Registration Day.

Starface logo

Gen-Z beauty brand, Starface, partnered with us on a limited edition hydrocolloid pimple patch called “Vote Star”. This collaboration includes cross promotion of our Vote Ready hub on Starface’s Instagram profile as well as proceeds (up to $10,000) from the Vote Star product.

Graphic reading: I Am An Immigrant

We also collaborated with on their #IAmAnImmigrant campaign to promote a Day of Action on Tuesday, October 13th via social media to direct people to get #voteready.

#voteready graphic illustration with large cartoon people

In the month of October, we participated in National Voter Education Week helping voters bridge the gap between registering to vote and casting a ballot.

Helping Fill Youth Infrastructure Gaps

A brown dog with white fur looking at a flyer that compares the 2020 Presidential candidate's views on important issues.
This year, the Alliance launched a massive mail program to help address youth vote infrastructure gaps in order to reach young voters with a proven tactic (yes, mail is effective!) to help turn out the youth vote.

Mail to Educate

This fall, Alliance for Youth Organizing, ran a multi-piece nonpartisan voter education mail program in 5 states (GA, MS, NC, PA, and SC). We sent 2,866,606 pieces to Gen-Z voters providing information on how to request a mail ballot, vote early in-person, or vote on Election Day. Two weeks out from the Election, we layered a non-partisan phone and text turnout program to reach nearly 1.3 million young voters in GA, NC, and PA. In executing this program, we stumbled on a shelter in Philadelphia that runs a mail service for folks who don’t have a permanent address. We sent our last education mail piece to every registered voter who uses the mail service.

In partnership with Indivisible Civics Action, we added a research question to this program to measure the effectiveness of a text reminder on top of the full mail program. In addition, we partnered with our Youth Organizing Partner, Mississippi Votes, on testing two types of education mail (a black and white letter vs a color postcard) with young voters.

Issue Organizing: The Fight for a Big, Bold Policy Agenda

three graphically illustrated minorities cheering as another man inserts his ballot into voting box.

Democracy Done Right

For almost a decade, the Alliance network has been on the forefront of addressing how to build a voting system that works for all Americans. Our national issue campaign, Democracy Done Right, seeks to create a world where our democracy works for everyone, no matter where you come from, what you look like, or how you identify. In 2020, this meant joining allies across the country in demanding elected leaders take immediate action to protect our democracy and expand vote-by-mail and other measures to keep our elections safe and accessible.

While this year amplified the many structural weaknesses of our democracy, it has also presented us with an opportunity to push for the bold solutions we need to make progress as a country—and young people are leading the way. Check it out:

Chicago votes
Chicago Votes worked alongside coalition partners to pass a bill that ensured that all eligible voters in Illinois received absentee ballot request forms, increased curbside voting, and increased the placement of ballot drop boxes for the 2020 election. Beginning in 2021, the bill will make Election Day a public holiday in the state and allow those 16 years old or older to serve as election judges.

People standing outside, wearing masks, supporting Chicago Votes.

Loud Light

Loud Light in Kansas won a lawsuit in July 2020 against the Secretary of State after they illegally refused to disclose public records about uncounted provisional ballots in the 2018 election. This ruling enabled Loud Light to run a robust program to chase and cure incorrect provisional ballots for the 2020 elections.

Minority hands each holding a sign. Signs read, cancel student debt, my body my choice, and cops off campus.

Fighting for the Issues Young People Care About Most

Defend Black Lives and Defund Police

In June 2020, as millions of young leaders took to the streets to defend Black lives, the Alliance for Youth Action and our network released this statement. As a multiracial national network, we follow the example set by Black leaders—including the Black-led organizations in our network who have been working against policing and police violence for years—and joined their calls to defund the police and defend Black lives. We commit to ongoing learning about abolition, dismantling white supremacy, and decentering whiteness in our work. For individual organizations in the network, this work includes extensive training on anti-racism for staff, focusing on issues that disproportionately impact people of color, incorporating racial justice and intersectional language in messaging, and integrating anti-racism into every aspect of the work.

young people protesting outside, defending black lives and supporting the defunding of police.

Cancel Student Debt

In March, the Alliance for Youth Action Network joined calls urging congress to cancel student loan debt in the midst of the national healthcare emergency. Our network has been confronting the many economic challenges facing young people through our national Broke AF campaign for years as we continue to fight for bold solutions like tuition-free public college, and expansions of affordable housing and renter protection.

Police-Free Schools
Leaders Igniting Transformation (LIT), has led the fight to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline in their community since they were founded in 2017. LIT’s organizing efforts culminated in a 700-person rally and over 1,000 testimonies that eventually put pressure on Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS to begin the pathway to building safe schools where the voices and experiences of young people are centered. In June, Milwaukee Public School Board unanimously passed a resolution to end all contracts between the Milwaukee Police Department and MPS.

Students speaking at a 700-person rally encouraging Milwaukee Public Schools to remove police in schools.

Stopping an Abortion Ban

In Colorado, a dangerous anti-abortion referendum failed after organizing by a coalition of statewide organizations, including New Era Colorado. New Era served on the Executive Committee of this coalition, and built upon their year round work of de-stigmatizing abortion in order to educate and turn out voters.

Here for the Long Haul: Leadership and Organizational Development

The Alliance has always been about more than young people voting. We’re a generation of leaders calling ourselves to action, as volunteers, organizers, and public servants. By investing in young leaders and strengthening the capacity of their organizations, we’re changing our communities for the better and building a bench with the most diverse and progressive generations our country has ever seen.

While the pandemic and remote work made it harder to strategize on how to strengthen organizations and do the deep relationship building typically done in person, we adapted and developed strategies to make sure we could still provide this support.

Community through Cohorts
Virtual meeting illustration
The Alliance staffed up on the national side heading into 2020 to prioritize investing in and supporting more network staff during what we already knew would be a hectic year. In addition to providing 1:1 coaching with more staff, we launched cohort spaces in 2020 for communications, program, operations, and development peers from across the network to come together regularly to work through challenges, learn from each other, and be trained by professionals in the field.
ED Onboarding Bootcamp: Creating the Conditions for Success
data analysis illustration
To build and bolster our network’s data infrastructure in 2020, the Alliance hired Amit Mistry as our Senior National Data Director. Since then, we’ve conducted a network data audit, developed and improved network-wide data systems, and provided direct hiring and training support to state-based data staff. This included providing additional resources and support to 5 Affiliates in CO, FL, MN, TX, and WI to hire dedicated data staff.

In addition, through our Electoral Services Suite, the Alliance was able to standardize use of engagement tools through The Movement Cooperative and data syncing through Civis. Once voter files are updated, we will use this data access to evaluate the turnout effect of the work done by our network across many factors, analyze the efficacy of 2020 programs, and inform future work.

Data, Data Everywhere
data analysis illustration
To build and bolster our network’s data infrastructure in 2020, the Alliance hired Amit Mistry as our Senior National Data Director. Since then, we’ve conducted a network data audit, developed and improved network-wide data systems, and provided direct hiring and training support to state-based data staff. This included providing additional resources and support to 5 Affiliates in CO, FL, MN, TX, and WI to hire dedicated data staff.

In addition, through our Electoral Services Suite, the Alliance was able to standardize use of engagement tools through The Movement Cooperative and data syncing through Civis. Once voter files are updated, we will use this data access to evaluate the turnout effect of the work done by our network across many factors, analyze the efficacy of 2020 programs, and inform future work.

Professional Services Suite
internet connection, mobile, computer and cloud storage illustration.
For the many types of organizational support that we cannot provide in-house, we continue to offer our 10 Affiliates year-round access to and funding for ($15,000 per Affiliate) a suite of direct professional services including coaching services, management training, legal counsel, data security, digital design, anti-oppression, and more. These dedicated non-programmatic funds are meant to address immediate organizational needs and build towards long-term organizational sustainability.
Section has background image: collage of people wearing masks, protesting the defunding of police, and encouraging people to register to vote.

Meet The Team

Alliance Staff and Board

  • Sarah Audelo, Executive Director
  • Dawn Boudwin, Deputy Executive Director of Network Strategy
  • Jacqueline Grimsley, Deputy Executive Director of Organizational Strategy
  • Gnora Gumanow, Director of Network Capacity
  • Rebecca Gorena, Senior Program Director
  • Scarlett Jimenez, Development Director
  • Billy Koontz, Senior Finance Director
  • Amit Mistry, Senior National Data Director
  • Daniela Mrabti, Communications Manager
  • Kenny Myers, Director of Network Capacity
  • Carmel Pryor, Senior Director of Communications
  • Marisa Slifka, Operations Manager
  • Mariella Villacorta, Development Coordinator
  • Julian Iriarte, Finance Manager
Alliance for Youth Organizing Board
  • Whitney Porter, Chair
  • Mollie Ruskin, Vice Chair
  • Cathy Lerza, Treasurer
  • LiJia Gong, Secretary
  • Alexis Anderson-Reed
  • Vaughn Frisby
  • Amy Faulring
  • Jonathan Jayes Green
  • Kim Rogers
  • Liba Rubenstein
  • Steven Cole-Schwartz
Alliance for Youth Action Board
  • Alexandra Acker-Lyons, Chair
  • Oscar Boleman, Vice Chair
  • Aaron Merkin, Treasurer
  • Resha Thomas, Secretary
  • Jonathan Paik
  • Chris Sloan
  • Daniel Gonzales
  • Ben Wessel
  • Paola Ramos
  • Juan Escalante
  • Tracey Corder

Financial Report

Here’s to Our Supporters!

This historic year would not have been possible if not for the generous foundations, businesses, and individuals who partnered with us and resourced our work in 2020.

Our deep thanks to our biggest circle of supporters yet (over 2,000 champions of youth organizing!).


Alliance for Youth Organizing

Foundation Partners & Major Donors
  • Anonymous Donors
  • Battery Foundation
  • Chrysalis Fund
  • Compton Foundation
  • Ford Foundation
  • Impact Assets
  • Jonathan Logan Family Foundation
  • JPB Foundation
  • Langeloth Foundation
  • Loud Hound Foundation
  • MacArthur Foundation
  • McNulty Foundation
  • National Philanthropic Trust
  • NEO Philanthropy
  • Proteus Fund
  • Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
  • Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • Silver Giving Foundation
  • Skoll Foundation
  • Tides Foundation
  • Viacom
  • Wallace Global Fund
  • Wallace H. Coulter Foundation
  • Way to Rise at Amalgamated Charitable Foundation
  • Wellspring Philanthropic Fund
  • William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
  • Windward Fund
  • Wunderkinder Foundation
Support from $10,000–$50,000
  • 2032 Trust
  • Amalgamated Foundation
  • Arkay Foundation
  • Barn Road Foundation
  • Bernice Schoenbaum
  • Brach Family Fund
  • Cow Hollow Fund
  • Donald and Carole Chaiken Foundation
  • Graham Family Charitable Foundation
  • JMB Hull Fund
  • Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation
  • Karl Friedman
  • Lebowitz Aberly Family Foundation
  • Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund
  • Marin Community Foundation
  • Marisla Foundation
  • Network for Good
  • Patagonia Inc.
  • Paul Haahr
  • PNC Asset Mangement
  • Rosenthal Family Foundation
  • Roswell Foundation
  • Schwab Charitable
  • Silvercrest Assets
  • Starface World
  • Winslow Foundation
Support from $1,000–$9,999
  • Agentives Fund
  • Andrea Hoag
  • Andy And Pam Brown
  • Ashley Anderson
  • Ashton Rennegarbe
  • Benevity
  • Book Works Brain Dead
  • Brenna Frandsen
  • Cahn Funds For Social Change
  • Catherine Lerza
  • Center for Popular Democracy
  • Cherie Williams
  • Excel Fund
  • Fan Family Charitable Fund
  • Fidelity Charitable
  • Franklin Philanthrophic Foundation
  • Gerrish Milliken
  • Grantmakers For Education
  • Hartwell Family Charitable Gift Fund
  • Houston Harte
  • Isabel's Charitable Gift Fund
  • James Halperin
  • Jeff Josma
  • Jewish Communal Fund
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  • LARS Charitable Fund
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  • Matthew Miller
  • Melinda Hall
  • Michael Herzig
  • Michael Lazarus
  • Mike Minchin
  • Nikunj Bhatt
  • Nishoko Charitable Fund
  • Panta Rhea Fund
  • Philip and Sally Kipper Charitable Fund
  • Ralph E. Ogden Foundation
  • Robert Woods
  • Sheryl Stumbras
  • Steve Harris
  • Steven Schimmel
  • Tai Omi
Support under $1,000
  • The Alliance received more support from individuals of this giving level last year than we are able to list! We are so grateful for all of your generosity.

Alliance for Youth Action

Foundation Partners & Major Donors
  • America Votes
  • Anonymous Donors
  • Battery Foundation
  • Chambers Initiative
  • Communication Workers of America
  • Democracy PAC
  • Groundswell Action Fund
  • Molly Gochman
  • Onward Together
  • SixteenThirty Fund
  • Tides Advocacy Fund
  • Tides Foundation
  • Way to Win Action Fund
  • Women Donors Network Action
Support from $10,000–$50,000
  • Aloha Foundation
  • Anonymous Donors
  • Monica and Philip Rosenthal
  • Movement Voter Project
  • Public Wise
  • The Justine Miner Trust
  • Youth Engagement Action Fund
  • Ian Simmons
  • Henry Van Ameringen
  • Faye and Sandor Straus
  • Antonia Lenstra
Support from $1,000–$9,999
  • Albrecht Moritz
  • Ameet Ravital
  • Brian Kelley
  • Dan Heath
  • Douglas Borchard
  • Gerrish Milliken
  • Ian Villeda
  • Janet Levinger
  • Jennifer DiBrienza
  • Katherine Kovner
  • Michael Isard
  • Stephanie Ellis-Smith
  • Steven Cole-Schwartz
  • Susannah Wood
  • Wendy Vanden Heuvel
Support under $1,000
  • The Alliance received more support from individuals of this giving level last year than we are able to list! We are so grateful for all of your generosity.



Cash in Checking Accounts $9,840,769.75
Grants Receivable $4,370,939.66
Accounts Receivable $61,673.05
Other Assets $66,471.10
TOTAL ASSETS $14,339,853.56


Accounts & Credit Card Payable $1,908,868.58
Accrued Payroll & Vacation Liabilities $63,611.16


Unrestricted Net Assets $2,861,887.07
Board Designed Reserve Fund $594,847.59
Restricted to Fiscally Sponsored Org. $4,984,581.76
Other Temporarily Restricted Funds $3,926,057.40
TOTAL NET ASSETS $12,367,373.82


Cash in Checking Accounts $1,046,494.38
Receivables & Other Assets $339,615.35
TOTAL ASSETS $1,386,109.73


Accounts & Credit Card Payable $78,025.43


Unrestricted Net Assets $899,316.80
Board Designed Reserve Fund $65,080.20
Other Temporarily Restricted Funds $343,687.30
TOTAL NET ASSETS $1,308,084.30